Grievance Procedure


When a Grievance is raised, a formal communication procedure is designed to understand and resolve a grievance. This procedure is called Grievance procedure, which comprises of five steps:



As soon as a grievance is received, it must be instantly acknowledged by the concerned authority. It reflects that the management understands their employee’s concern about the issue and will take unbiased action to resolve the grievance.

Collect the Facts:


The management starts gathering all the relevant information related to the grievance in this step. It helps them understand the reason and nature of the raised grievance.

Identify the Cause:


In this step, all the facts gathered are analyzed to identify the real root cause of the grievance.

Action Plan:


As soon as the cause is identified, an action plan is prepared. The management needs to prepare the plan keeping in mind the company’s existing policies and how the action plan can affect the future policies of the company.



The management cannot favor anyone in case of a grievance and takes the action without being biased. It also reviews the output after the action plan is executed to check whether the grievance is successfully resolved or not.

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