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If you are a woodworker, you know that cedar shake siding is a preferred household option. But how very long does cedar shake siding last? And what’s the very best way to maintain it?

In this web site put up, we’ll response these inquiries and share tips on preserving your cedar shake siding looking great for decades to arrive. Preserve looking through! 

What is Cedar Shake Siding?

Cedar shake, also regarded as cedar shingle, is a type of siding designed from skinny strips of cedar wood. Cedar shake siding has a rustic look well-known for nation properties and cabins.

Cedar shake is also a long lasting alternative for siding. It’s resistant to rot, bugs, and decay. And it can previous up to 30 yrs with correct care. 

Professionals and Downsides of Cedar Shakes


  • Aesthetic appeal – several persons adore the purely natural seem of cedar shake siding
  • Sturdiness – cedar shake is a extensive-long lasting substance
  • Low upkeep – cedar shake siding is quick to treatment for
  • Easy to stain
  • It is biodegradable, renewable, and reclaimable


  • Charge- cedar shake siding can be extra expensive than other sorts of siding
  • Set up- cedar shake siding can be hard to install
  • Draws in woodpeckers

How Extensive Does Cedar Shake Siding Past?

Cedar shake siding can previous up to 30 decades with right treatment. But you can do a couple of factors to increase the existence of your cedar shake siding.

First, make positive to seal your cedar shake siding. This will assist protect it from the factors and increase its lifestyle.

2nd, restore any destruction to your cedar shake siding as soon as attainable. This will avert further more harm and keep your siding seeking excellent.

3rd, regularly thoroughly clean your cedar shake siding. This will clear away any filth or particles that could cause destruction.

By following these strategies, you can continue to keep your cedar shake siding searching wonderful for yrs. 

How Can You Make Your Cedar Shake Last Longer?

Now that you know how prolonged does cedar siding very last, we’re heading to glance at techniques to extend the existence of your cedar shake siding.

1.    Sealing

Sealing your cedar shake siding is a single of the greatest techniques to make it last lengthier. This will support safeguard it from the features and extend its daily life.

You’ll need to invest in a sealant specifically created for cedar shake to seal your cedar shake siding. Then, use the sealant according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

You will have to have to reapply the sealant each individual handful of several years to safeguard your cedar shake siding properly.

2.    Fixing Hurt

An additional way to make your cedar shake siding last more time is to maintenance any destruction as shortly as doable. This will reduce further more problems and continue to keep your siding wanting good.

If you discover any cracks, splits, or other damage to your cedar shake siding, repair it straight away. This will assistance reduce the problems from spreading and extend the life of your siding.

You can maintenance smaller cracks and splits oneself with a wooden filler. However, for greater repairs, you might require to hire a qualified.

3.    Cleansing

Cleaning your cedar shake siding is a further fantastic way to make it last lengthier. This will get rid of any dust or particles that could induce harm.

To clean your cedar shake siding, begin by eradicating any free debris with a comfortable brush. Then, use a mild cleaning soap and water answer to cleanse the siding.

Rinse the cleaning soap and drinking water solution off with a hose. Be absolutely sure to use light strain, so you really don’t harm the siding.

Following cleaning, enable the siding to dry entirely right before applying a sealant.

4.    Restaining

If you want to alter the colour of your cedar shake siding, you’ll want to restain it. This is a uncomplicated method that will make your siding search new once again.

To restain your cedar shake siding, eliminate any loose paint or stain with a wire brush. Up coming, use a cleaner intended for cedar shake to get rid of any dust or debris.

When the siding is clean, use a new coat of stain. Once more, be absolutely sure to comply with the manufacturer’s instructions. Right after staining, enable the siding to dry entirely just before applying a sealant.

5.    Test for pests and animal destruction

Cedar shake is a common material for siding for the reason that it is sturdy and long-lasting. But that doesn’t signify it is immune to damage from pests and animals.

Be positive to on a regular basis check out your cedar shake siding for signs of damage from insects or animals. If you observe any destruction, repair service it promptly to avert further more harm.

You can prevent damage from pests and animals by sealing your cedar shake siding. This will assistance keep them out and prolong the everyday living of your siding.

Usually Asked Thoughts

How generally does cedar shake siding need to have to be stained?

Most cedar shake siding needs to be stained just about every two to a few many years. But if you reside in an location with higher humidity or heaps of sunshine, you could have to have to stain your siding a lot more frequently.

How normally does cedar siding will need to be painted?

Cedar siding really should usually be painted each 3-5 decades, dependent on the certain atmosphere and paint procedure applied. Environmental aspects these types of as exposure to daylight, rainfall, and temperature can all influence the longevity of a paint work, so it’s crucial to retain an eye on your siding and contact up as important. If you are living in an spot with a lot of sunlight and heat, you may possibly will need to repaint more often. In addition, clapboard cedar siding boards should be inspected annually for deterioration from moisture rots at the roofline eave overhangs.

When ought to I replace my cedar shake siding?

Cedar shake siding should be changed when it seems weathered and pale. The new cedar shake siding color will be a richer brown than the more mature, faded shakes. You are going to also want to swap your cedar shake siding if any shakes are missing, broken, or rotting. 


Cedar shakes last very long if you get treatment of them effectively. Regular cleaning, staining, and maintenance will assist lengthen the everyday living of your siding. If you recognize any injury, be guaranteed to repair it quickly to avert more harm.

You must also look at for signals of pests and animals and seal your cedar shake siding to maintain them out. With appropriate care, your cedar shake siding can very last for lots of many years.

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