IADF full form

IADF:- International Agriculture Development Fund

IADF stands for International Agricultural Development Fund. It is a specialized agency of the United Nations and a financial institution established to deal with problems related to poverty and hunger in developing countries. Formed in 1977, with its headquarters in Rome, Italy, IADF intends to help the people in developing countries to achieve higher standards of living. It has 176 members as of February 2015 with Holy See and European Union as the observers. It is headed by Gilbert F Houngbo who was elected in 2017. It stands firm in the belief of empowerment of people in the rural areas in order to lead their own development.

IADF makes sure that the poor make use of the available financial services, technologies, and natural resources in order to develop and nourish their own groups and organizations. It also sees that they take part in the decision making processes regarding matters that affect their lives.

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