IAEA full form

IAEA:- International Atomic Energy Agency

IAEA stands for the International Atomic Energy Agency. It is an international organization that seeks to promote the safe and peaceful use of nuclear energy and to prevents it from being used for military purposes. It was established on 29 July 1957 and has its headquarters in Vienna, Austria. It is currently headed by Director General Yukiya Amano. The programs and plans of the IAEA encourage and promote the peaceful use of nuclear energy, provide international safeguards against its misuse and promotes safety for activities which include nuclear reactions. To summarise, the main missions of IAEA are to promote the peaceful use of nuclear energy and higher standards of nuclear safety. It does not come directly under the control of the UN but reports to both the UN and the Security Council. The IAEA together with its former Director General Mohamed ElBaradei was awarded the Nobel Prize in the year 2005.

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