ICCW full form


It was to stand up to and change this disparity that the Assam State part of the Indian Council for Child Welfare (ICCW) was set up in 1967. Associated to the parent national body of the ICCW at Delhi, the state branch has worked steadily to improve the express a place for youngsters, particularly those from the lesser favored and powerless areas of the general public and has been an encouraging sign. With different activities like haven homes, crèches, reception homes, and psychosocial help programs the chamber endeavor’s to work for the welfare of surrendered, stranded, surrendered or poor kids underneath the neediness line up to the age of 18 years.

The real points and targets of the ICCW (Assam) are as per the following :

  • To go about as the organizer among government and non-government offices to work for the welfare of kids.
  • To sort out and keep up administrations and organizations via preparing of a workforce and plan of activities for youngster welfare wherever required.
  • To attempt every single such movement that would help in arrangement and usage of youngster welfare programs.
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