INTERPOL full form

INTERPOL:- Interpol Police Organisation

International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL). It is abbreviated as ICPO-INTERPOL and commonly called Interpol. The agenda of this organization is “connecting police for a safer world”. It was formed in the year 1923. It is the international organization which facilitates the police co-operation. At the beginning of the 20th century, several steps were taken to formalize international police cooperation, but initially, they failed. Then in 1923, a new initiative was taken at the International Criminal Police Congress (ICPC) in Vienna, where the ICPC was founded successfully as the direct forerunner of INTERPOL. Its headquarters are situated in Lyon, France. The present emblem of INTERPOL was adopted in 1950 and the elements included in the emblem are as follows:-

  • The globe indicates worldwide activity.
  • The olive branches represent peace.
  • The sword represents police action.
  • The scales signify justice.
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