INTERFEET full form

INTERFEET:- International Force for East Timor

International Force East Timor (INTERFET). A Peacemaking by the United Nations is a role which is held by the Department of Peacemaking Operations. It develops a way to help countries to create conditions for lasting peace. And INTERFET was a multinational non-United Nations peacemaking taskforce. It was organized and led by Australia. It was started on 20th September 1999 and ended on 28th February 2000. Many countries contributed to INTERFET. The largest contingent of troops, hardware, and equipment were provided by Australia. Major General Peter Cosgrove was the commander of INTERFET. Indonesia invaded East Timor in 1975 and annexed the former Portuguese colony. Few nations (including Australia and the United States) recognized the annexation. The annexation was resisted by many East Timorese. The conflict ended resulting with the defeat of pro-Indonesian militia and the stabilization of East Timor.

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