INTUC full form

INTUC:- Indian National Trade Union Congress

Indian National Trade Union Congress (INTUC). It is the trade union wing of the Indian National Congress. It was founded on 3rd May 1947, which was just 3 months before the independence of India. In 1947, Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel became the first president of INTUC and the current president is Gongalla Sanjeeva Reddy, who is the ex-member of the Parliament of India. It is affiliated with the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC). The Founding conference of INTUC was inaugurated by Acharya J.B. Kripalani, the then president of the Indian National Congress. From all over the country, the present membership of INTUC, in different states of Indian Union is over 80 lacs. It comprises of youth wing and women’s wing with the intention to look after the interest of young and women workers. Two journals named, ’Indian Worker’, is published by INTUC in both English and Hindi. Many other industrial organizations like ‘Forest and Woodworkers Federation’, ‘Indian National Rural Labor Federation’, etc. are affiliated to INTUC.

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