IOC full form

IOC:- International Olympic Committee/Indian Oil Corporation

International Olympic Committee (IOC). It is a Swiss private non-governmental organization based in Lausanne, Switzerland. It is the authority which is responsible for organizing the modern Olympic Games. It is the controlling body for the National Olympic Committees (NOCs). It was created by Pierre de Coubertin on 23rd June 1894. Till now, it consists of 2 honor members (Senegal and United States), 105 active members and 32 honorary members. In every four years, IOC organizes the modern Olympic Games and Youth Olympic Games during summer and winter.

Indian Oil Corporation (IOC). It is commonly known as Indian Oil. It is an oil and gas industry. IOC was founded in the year, 1964. Its headquarters is located in New Delhi, India. There are seven major Business Divisions in the organization. Bharat Petroleum and Hindustan Petroleum are its two major domestic competitors. Till now, there are about 35000 employees working under Indian Oil Corporation. In the month of  May 2018, IOC becomes India’s most profitable public sector company.

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