Listen&Learn: Alan Turing


Jaksyn Peacock

Find out about the mathematician whose suggestions led to the fashionable pc.

Pre-listening vocabulary

  • foundation: an strategy that other ideas are constructed on
  • hypothetical: prospective, not now serious
  • instruction: an rationalization of what to do and how to do it
  • decode: to discover the concealed that means of a coded concept
  • shun: to reject an individual
  • pardon: to forgive an individual for a criminal offense

Listening activity

Gapfill exercise

Comprehension issues

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  1. Turing was a
    a. mathematician
    b. physicist
    c. armed service leader
  2. The goal of the Turing exam is
    a. to identify how fast a machine can operate
    b. to establish how very well a device can observe instructions
    c. to identify if a equipment can feel like a human
  3. All through Planet War II, Turing aided the Allies by
    a. inventing new technological know-how for weapons
    b. producing a device that could crack Nazi codes
    c. analyzing Nazi navy programs

Dialogue/essay thoughts

  1. Alan Turing’s achievements ended up disregarded for many several years. Do you know any other significant historic figures who were being dismissed in their time?
  2. Do you imagine it is attainable for a equipment to feel like a human?


Alan Turing was a British mathematician. He was born in 1912 in London, England. His thoughts are viewed as to be the early foundations for fashionable personal computers. In 1936, he described a hypothetical machine that could read through and observe prepared guidelines. He also produced the Turing test, which was intended to decide if a equipment could feel like a human. During World War II, Turing created a machine that aided the Allied forces decode Nazi messages. His do the job aided Britain and the Allies get the war. On the other hand, the government later arrested and shunned him for being gay, which was unlawful at the time. Turing died in 1954, two many years following his conviction. The Queen officially pardoned him in 2013.

Solutions to comprehension inquiries

1a 2c 3b

Composed and recorded by Jaksyn Peacock for W3faculties


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