MECL full form

MECL:- Mineral Exploration Corporation Limited

Mineral Exploration Corporation Limited or MECL was set up as an autonomous Public Sector Company in the month of October in 1972. It is under the administrative control of Ministry of Mines, Government of India for systematic exploration of minerals, to create a bridge to cover up the gap between two i.e. the prospect’s initial discovery and its eventual exploitation. MECL works on the mission that is to give high quality, cost effective and time bound geo-scientific services which are for exploration and exploitation of minerals.

Mineral Exploration Corporation Limited has completed around 1448 projects or reports and has established approximate 165140 million tons of ores and mineral reserves of minerals such as Coal, Lignite, Bauxite, Copper, Gold, Lead-Zinc, Iron Ore, Limestone, Manganese, Magnesite, Chromite, Fluorspar, and many other Industrial Minerals since inception. It has recently divided into mining and beneficiation of minerals and sampling and analysis of coal stocks.

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