MENAS full form

MENAS:- Middle East Navigation Aids Service

Middle East Navigation Aids Service or MENAS has been playing a significant role in the terms of shipping safety as well as it works for the development of Aids to Navigation infrastructure throughout the Gulf waters for over 100 years. MENAS was earlier named as the Persian Gulf Lighting Service, it was established due to the motive i.e. it will be responsible for the authority for Aids to Navigation in the region.

Presently it is the region of Gulf which is a leading innovator in the development, fabrication, supply, and maintenance of Aids to Navigation also known as AtoN. The main base is getting operated from its main base center which is in Bahrain and a support base is operated from Abu Dhabi. Middle East Navigation Aids Service owns and maintains an extensive network of buoys, lighthouses, recons, AIS and DGPS transmitters. Additionally, it provides essential information and advice such as the issuance of Notices to Mariners, gives advise on hazards to shipping and additions to navigation charts for the Gulf.

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