MRTS full form

MRTS – Mass Rapid Transport System

The Mass Rapid Transit System is a popular system and its acronym is called MRTS. It is highly in demand for improvement of Metropolitan cities or urban areas everywhere throughout the world. MRTS in present is the system which is a network of 10641 Km and it also covers around 9349 stations along with 573 lines covering 184 cities around the world.  What does actually MRTS stands for; Mass is defined and considered as a large amount or number, for example, an incredible body of the general population and Rapid stands for brisk transport starting with one place then onto the next. Therefore, with the help of MRTS system, it transports a large number of human beings from one place to another as fast as possible stopping at almost after every 2 to 3 minutes. The time of journey is to be made small even when the system of transport stops often.

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