MSA full form

MSA – Maritime Safety Agency

The Maritime Safety Agency is for the republic people of China and it is a government agency which helps in directing all matters that are related to maritime along with shipping safety. MSA also include the supervision of traffic safety and security of maritime, counteractive action of contamination from ships, investigation of ships and facilities which is offshore, navigational security measures that also include Search and Rescue, Aids to Navigation as well as the GMDSS, managerial administration of port tasks, and law requirement on issues of maritime safety law. It was likewise responsible for the investigation of the marine accident. A headquarter of Maritime Safety Agency is situated in Dongcheng District of Beijing state of China.

In the month of October in 1998, it was established by the collaboration of two i.e. the China Ship Inspection Bureau and the China Port Supervision Bureau into a comprehensive agency of issues related to maritime, subordinate to the Ministry of Transport of the Republic people of China.

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