NANAP full form

NANAP:- Non-Aligned News Agency Pool

NANAP stands for Non-Aligned News Agency Pool. It was founded in late 1974 and started operating in January 1975. It was a cooperation system among news agencies of non-aligned countries and lasted only till the mid-1990s. It was initially led and supported by Yugoslavia’s Tanjug and gathered many owned organizations, especially in Africa and Southern Asia. Their idea responded to many calls for a new balance in world news by the Non-Aligned Movement during the debates for a New World Information and Communication Order (NWICO). It operated as an international and institutional cooperation between news agencies of the Third World. It aimed at providing its own mass media channels with unbiased news and offer a counter-hegemonic report on world news concerning developing nations. The main active agencies in Non-Aligned Pool were the Maghreb Arabe Presse, Tunisian TAP, Iraq’s INA and Iranian IRNA. It began to show a slow decline after 1980 when NWICO talks were moved to the UN framework under the UNESCO.

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