NAPP full form

NAPP:- Narora Atomic Power Plant

NAPP stands for Narora Atomic Power Plant. It is located 68 km from the district headquarters in Bulandshahr in Uttar Pradesh. The plant houses 2 reactors, each a pressurized heavy water reactor able to produce 220 MW of electricity. The plant consists of 2 PHWRs: Unit 1 which began operations in 1991 and Unit 2 which began in the following year. An important incident related to NAPP was the major fire which occurred on 31 may 1993 when two steam turbine blades servicing the unit 1 malfunctioned, leading to a nuclear meltdown. A second incident hit unit 2 in 1999 when an air-locking inner door malfunctioned. Despite these incidents and a minor tritium leak around the time period, the facilities had been inspected by the Bureau of Indian Standards and its environmental management system was certified. In 2000, NAPS (Narora Atomic Power Station) became the first ISO-14001 certified atomic power station in Asia and won the Golden Peacock award from the World Environment Foundation for its efforts in environmental preservation.

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