NBCW full form

NBCW:- Nuclear, Biological, Chemical Warfare

NBCW stands for Nuclear, Biological, Chemical warfare. Chemical warfare makes use of toxic properties of chemical substances as weapons. It is distinct from nuclear warfare and biological warfare and these three make up NBC, the military acronym for nuclear, biological and chemical (warfare). With proper training, equipment, and measures, the primary effects of chemical weapons can be overcome.Biological warfare makes the offensive use of living organisms like anthrax whereas chemical warfare makes use of nonliving toxic products produced by living organisms. About 70 different chemicals have been used as chemical warfare agents during the 2oth century. Nuclear warfare is any political strategy in which nuclear weaponry is used to inflict damage on the opposition. The 2 types of nuclear exchange are the limited nuclear exchange and the full-scale nuclear exchange. Out of these two, either could occur during an accidental nuclear war where the use of nuclear weapons is triggered unintentionally. An NBC suit also called a chemo suit is the type of military equipment for protection forming an important part of NBCW.

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