NCCF full form

NCCF:- National Consumers Cooperative Federation

NCCF stands for National Consumers Cooperative Federation is the body in India that looks after the functioning of consumer cooperatives in India. A consumer cooperative is a consumer-owned business that is undertaken for the benefits of its consumer or its members. NCCF aims to facilitate the formation and smooth functioning of consumer cooperatives in the country.  It was established on 16th October 1965.cIt also aims to support the flourishment of consumer cooperatives in the country by helping them to provide goods at reasonable rates along with providing technical guidance with the help of its Research and Development division. It is headquartered in Delhi with its 34 branches and sub-branches located all over the nation. Its management is in the hands of it’s Board of Directors with the authority in the hands of its General body. Currently, the strength of the Board of Directors is of 21 members. It has a total of 559 employees.

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