NCDA full form

NCDA:- National Coal Development Authority

NCDA or National Coal Development Authority is a government undertaking established in the year 1956 to successfully exploit the coal mines in the country. India has a brief history of commercial coal mining from more than 2 centuries ago. Indian coal mining was had always been a private sector enterprise however, this changed after the coming up of NCDA. When India gained independence in the year 1947, there was a recognition of a greater need for the production of coal to give a push to the Indian Industrial development. It was the Government of India’s own coal company. NCDA was formed with an aim to explore new coal fields and develop new coal mines. It was undertaken with an aim to fulfill the increasing energy requirement and to support industrialization in the country through the medium of the 5-year plans of the Government of India. Setting up of NCDA was the first major step towards a growth of this industry in the post-independence era. It is a part of Ministry of Coal and Railways, Government of India.

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