NCRB full form

NCRB:- National Crime Record Bureau

NCRB stands for National Crime Record Bureau is an Indian agency that collects and analyse crime data as per the guidelines of the Indian Penal Code (IPC). It was formed 32 years ago on 11th March 1986. Its motto is to empower the Indian Police with Information Technology. Its aim is to function as a collection of information regarding crimes and criminals with an attempt to assist the investigators of a crime to find the criminals responsible for it. It also aims to enable the Indian Police to protect people and uphold the law. Its objectives involve the creation and maintenance of secure shareable national databases on crime and criminals for law enforcement agencies. It collects and processes crime statistics at the national level and acts as a clearinghouse of information on crime and criminals at both National and international levels. It is also the national repository of fingerprints of all criminals. It also trains and hires personnel for police forces in Information Technology and Fingerprint Science. Its headquarters are in New Delhi. NCRB, is a part of Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India.

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