NCSTC full form

NCSTC:- National Council for Science and Technology Communication

NCSTC stands for National Council for Science and Technology Communication which aims to actively communicate science and technology to masses of people. It also aims to stimulate scientific and technological temper among the people and coordinate such efforts throughout the population of the country. The programs of NCSTC are undertaken with the objective to build capacity among the students regarding for informed decision making in the community and to promote scientific thinking. It is dedicated to uplift the society through the dispersal of scientific knowledge. It also aims to build programs with the help of different media which penetrate to all corners of the society. Its focus is to communicate science using folk media, usage of mass and digital media for science communication and popularization and use of social media in science and technology popularization. It also initiated the celebration of 28th February as National Science Day in India. It is a part of the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India.

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