NHRC full form

NHRC:- National Human Rights Commission

NHRC stands for National Human Rights Commission which is an autonomous public body. It was incorporated on 12th October in the year 1993. It was incorporated under the guidelines of Protection of Human Rights Act, 1993. It is entrusted with the responsibility for protecting and promoting human rights. Human rights as defined by the Protection of Human Rights Act are “rights relating to liberty, life, dignity, and equality of the individual guaranteed by the Constitution”. It is a federal agency of India and operates under the jurisdiction of the country. It enforces the federal law relating to Human Rights. The NHRC must consist of a Chairperson who should be a retired Chief Justice of India, A member who is or was a Judge of the Supreme Court of India, a member who is or was the Chief Justice of a High Court and two other members who have to be appointed from among people who have the practical experience or knowledge related to matters related to human rights.

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