NIMHANS full form

NIMHANS:- National Institute of Mental Health and Neuroscience

NIMHANS is the acronym for National Institute of Mental Health and Neuroscience. It was established in the year 1847 as a Lunatic Asylum. It was then established as a Mental Hospital in the year 1925. On 27th December 1974, it was established as NIMHANS. NIMHANS is a multidisciplinary institute. It is a patient care center along with being an academic pursuit. The subject of study and practice is mental health and neurosciences. The priority of the Institute is service, manpower development, and research. A multidisciplinary integrated approach towards the education and services is the aim of this institute. Resources for academic and research activities are funded by several national and international organizations. It is situated in Bangalore, Karnataka. Since it was found, the institute has been committed to training and mentoring the students in mental health and neurosciences. It has aimed to provide a wealth of opportunities for psychologists, physicians, nurses psychiatric social workers and speech and language therapists. These talented people like the institution fresh and innovative perspective on the treatment of patients and come up with ways to take care of them.

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