OAU full form

OAU:- Organization of African Unity

The full form of OAU stands for the Organization of African Unity. The main purpose of the Organization of African Unity was keeping the African Nations United, and resolve the problems within the continent. The Organization of African Unity was founded on 25th of May 1963 in Addis Abba, Ethiopia along with 32 signatory states. The first ever conference of the OAU was held 1st May 1962 at Addis Abba. The position as the head of the OAU was to be given to the chairperson of OAU. The head or the chairperson of OAU was a rotating position. To remove colonialism and neo-colonialism from the continent of African and also to encourage integration among the member states were some of the major aims of the OAU. As we all know, where there will be so many people there will also be the differences of opinions so just like that, the OAU though it achieves success, also had some issues with various opinions as to how success was going to be achieved. The last chairperson of OAU, Thabo Mbeki, disbanded it on 9th of July 2002 and was also replaced by African Union (AU). As it was succeeded by the African Union, on the other hand, it was also preceded by Casablanca Group, Monorovice Group.

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