OCS full form

OCS:- Overseas Communication Service

The full form of OCS stands for the Overseas Communication Service. In 1927, the first beam service between Bombay and London was established by the Indian Radio Telegraph. co. Ltd. which at that time handled Indians foreign radio communications under a license from the government of India. The Imperial and International Communications Ltd. and the Indian Radio Telegraph Company formed a subsidiary corporation called the Indian Radio and Cable Communication company in 1932. The Indian government took over the assets of the company in the year 1947, placing them into the Ministry of Communications as the Overseas Communication Service, as their main aim was to operate Indians external communications to other countries. As earlier the communication service among the Indian continent was very poor, Exporting of goods, traveling, importing of goods, and resulted in the absence of variety in the country, so the government finally came up with and created the Organizations of Asia and Pacific News Agency.

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