OGL full form

OGL:- Open General License

OGL stands for (open general license ), a type of license which is issued by the government for its domestic suppliers. OGL is the export license used by exporters which removes the need for an individual export Control license (E.g. Standard individual export license or SIEC). OGLs allow export of specified controlled items by an exporter provided the shipment and destinations are eligible. There is the wide variety of OGLs which include OGEL. The OGEL can be classified into:

  1. Dual use OGELs include dual goods items used for both military and civilians.
  2. Military goods OGEl which allow export of military goods.
  3. Transshipment OGLs allow controlled goods export from one to other countries via UK.
  4. Trade control OGLs helps in controlling trafficking and brokering activity.
  5. EUGEA (European union general export authorization); these are equivalent of an OGEL provide licensing coverage for certain specified dual-use items to the non-European destination.

Restrictions of OGL include ”End use” it does not allow export of items which has a connection with the production of the chemical or nuclear device. It does not authorize export to custom free area and documentation is required before export.

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