OPPI full form

OPPI:- Organization of Pharmaceutical Producers of India

OPPI stands for Organisation of Pharmaceutical Producers of India. It was established 50 years ago. It began functioning in July 1965 and registered under the Companies Act on December 27 in the same year. It was formed as a representative body of the manufacturers in the pharmaceutical sector and represents research-based Pharmaceutical Companies in India. OPPI is committed to support the nation’s healthcare objectives and collaborate with all the stakeholders to find sustainable solutions. It is believed in OPPI that the need for innovation must be balanced with the need for more medicines which are accessible, within a robust IP environment. OPPI believes the pharmaceutical industry can form part of the approach for the solution to expand healthcare in India. It represents a majority of Companies operating in the country as well as Companies with International Collaboration. OPPI’s rigid Code of Pharmaceuticals Practices binds all the member companies. Market Share of OPPI’s member firms in the Pharmaceutical Industry in the Country is around 6

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