PHP Append File

PHP supports various modes of opening a file. The fopen() function is used to open a file in PHP. In general, fopen() function accepts two parameters:

Filename:  This parameter specifies the name of the file to be opened.

Mode: This parameter specifies the mode in which the file should be opened.

resource fopen ( string $filename , string $mode )

The “a” or “a+” modes of fopen() function is used to append data into a file. The “a” mode opens a file in write only mode. While “a+” mode opens a file in read write mode. Both the modes continues writing in the existing file or creates a new file if it doesn’t exist. In both case, the pointer starts from the end of the file.

fwrite() function:

To write a file in PHP, fwrite() function is used.


int fwrite ( resource $handle , string $string )  


//phpfile.txt: Hello!I am the first line.//

<!DOCTYPE html>
$samplefile = fopen("phpfile.txt", "a");  
fwrite($samplefile, " And I am the second line."); 
fwrite($samplefile, " Hey, I am the third one."); 
$samplefile = fopen("phpfile.txt", "r");
echo fread($samplefile, filesize("phpfile.txt"));


Hello!I am the first line. And I am the second line. Hey, I am the third one.
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