PIN full form

PIN:- Postal Index Number

PIN stands for Postal Index Number also known as the pin code.Irrespective of the area the letter belongs to, the language the address is written in, the PIN code has always helped our letters to reach the exact place. What if our parcel reaches Aurangabad in Maharashtra in place of reaching Aurangabad in Bihar.As India is a diverse nation with 29 states and 7 union territories. With similar names and various languages. To overcome misleading of parcels Shriram Bhikaji Valenkar came up with the idea of PIN codes. Which was adopted by the Department of posts on August 15, 1972. The PIN code is 6 digits long. There are 9 PIN zones 8 regional and 1 functional zone. The first digit in the code indicates state, second and third code for subdivision and district respectively. And the last 3 are the unique identification number of destination post office India has the biggest postal network in the world. The Independence Day this year marked the 46  years of PIN code system. But as letters are no more being delivered. Preserving its fragrance of simplicity the PIN code is still the last piece of information in our addresses.

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