SAHR full form

SAHR:- South Asians for Human Rights

SAHR stands for South Asians for Human Rights. South Asian countries are plagued by incidents of torture, abuse and constant disappearance of anyone who stands up to a long-standing tradition of Human rights violation. South Asia is home to some of the poorest countries of the world, haunted by ethnic hostilities, religious fights, terrorism and like like, coupled with the misuse of power, lack of freedom and curtailment of human rights.

SAHR is a regional association of people who have pledged to voice out and resolve human rights issues. SAHR aims to inculcate in the minds of people, a need for freedom and democratic decisions without curtailment of human rights, eradicating the exploitation and deprivation of minorities, and to voice out injustice as and when it is seen by reviewing laws and policies and spreading awareness. Its main advantage is that it tries not to emulate what other organizations like this are already doing, and also has a large membership base of known defenders of human rights from a large number of nations.

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