PUCC full form

PUCC:- Pollution Under Control Certificate

The full form of PUCC stands for Pollution Under Control Certificate. The region where the Pollution Under Control Certificate is the most effective in India. The Pollution Under Control Certificate is trying very hard to control the pollution in India. The pollution in India has been degrading in such a pace that some places have become fatal resulting in many harmful diseases, breathing problems, even brain injuries, eyesight problem, further resulting in many deaths. The Pollution Under Control Certificate has come out with a certification mark which is a mandatory requirement on all new motor vehicles sold in India. Only until the 6 months from the date of sale of the brand new vehicle, is the certification validated. After the 6 months, the vehicle has to be tested freshly in the car companies garage and while these years of maintenance, a renewed certificate has to be issued. Thus, the certificate which is issued is called the Pollution Under Control Certificate.

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