RCC full form

RCC:- Reinforced Cement Concrete

RCC stands for Reinforced Cement Concrete. It is the combination of ordinary concrete with the reinforcement. This is done to increase its tensile and compressive strength to a great extent. Concrete is used for modern construction. It is a versatile material. It is prepared by mixing together quantities of cement, crushed rock or gravel, sand and water in equal proportions. It is used for the construction of all types ranging from foundations to the rooftops of buildings. It is also used in the construction of highways roads traffic, irrigation canals, hydro-power tunnels, drains, and other conceivable structures. There’s a need for reinforcement in concrete because concrete has very high in compressive strength, but low tensile strength. Hence, during times when only the compressive loads are acting on the concrete, there is no need of using reinforcement in it. But at times when tensile forces are also involved, there is a high risk of its failure when plain concrete is used. In these cases, reinforcement becomes necessary.

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