RNA full form

RNA:- Ribonucleic Acid

The full form RNA stands for Ribonucleic Acid. Each nucleotide, in Ribonucleic Acid, contains a ribose sugar, with carbons, numbered 1’ through 5’. A base is attached to 1’ position, in general, adenine (A), cytosine and uracil are pyrimidines. A polymeric molecule essential in various biological roles in coding, decoding, regulation, and expression of genes is Ribonucleic Acid. Unlike DNA, Ribonucleic Acid, RNA is more often found in nature as a single strand folded into itself, rather than a paired double strand, but also like DNA RNA, Ribonucleic Acid is also assembled as a chain of nucleotides. The nucleic acid along with lipids, proteins, and carbohydrates together constitute the four major macromolecules essential for all known forms of life, these together can be recognized as Ribonucleic Acid and DNA. There have been many developments made by scientists about the Ribonucleic Acid and also has led to important biological discoveries. And also through these amazing discoveries, numerous Nobel prizes have been won.

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