ROSNI full form

ROSNI:- Round Spermatid Nuclear Injection

The full form of ROSNI stands for Round Spermatid Nuclear Injection. For the treatment of male infertility, assisted In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) which precursors of mature sperm obtained by the ejaculated specimen or testicular sperm extraction (TESE) are injected directly into oocytes. Though with limited success, the Round Spermatid Nuclear Injection has been successful in achieving fertilization in human IVF. The one technical challenge that Round Spermatid Nuclear Injection faces is the Accurate Identification of round spermatid cell. It is found further difficult with the using of standard optics present in most clinical IVF laboratories. The Round Spermatid Nuclear Injection came to be a success as 14 babies were born after the round spermatid was injected into human oocytes. However, some men may have round spermatid. The testes of some men have been considered sterile, those without spermatozoa or elongating spermatid and also are advised to using a sperm donor.

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