SDK full form

SDK:- System Development Kit OR Sun Development Kit

SDK which is abbreviated to System Development Kit is a set of programmes used to develop software. It is a software development tool used to create applications that perform a specific task. These may include the creation of applications for a computer system, operating system, software package, software framework, hardware platform, video game console etc. SDKs come with a sample that helps the developer to learn how to build basic programmes which eventually helps them to build more complex ones. These are known as Application Programming Interface (APIs) that are a set of instructions used during programming to access the database available online. An SDK contains¬† API and sometimes even may have several APIs and so we can further say that an API is a part of SDK. Most companies want that the applications created are for their own platform and so provide the SDKs free of cost. SDKs can be easily downloaded from a company’s website and the programming can be started with immediately.

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