SCRA full form

SCRA:- Special Class Railway Apprentice

SCRA or the Special Class Railway Apprentice is a programme started in 1927 in India by the British. It was started then to have a trained personnel in the field of mechanical engineering for the Great Indian Peninsular Railways and the East Indian Railways. Today, the candidates are chosen by Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) by taking an entrance examination each year at a national level for a sum of 42 seats. Lakhs of aspirants apply each year to be a part of this prestigious programme. The selection process comprises of two parts. First is a written test in the subjects physics, chemistry, mathematics, English and general language and a psychological test. The candidates that pass this test are selected for the second part that consists of an interview after which a medical examination follows. The candidates that pass all these tests are chosen for a four-year training programme in mechanical engineering at Birla Institute of Technology, Ranchi. It also includes workshop training in the holidays. This programme is the most important course of Indian Railways with its alumni being a part of some of the most prestigious organizations worldwide.

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