SMS full form

SMS:- Short Messaging System

The full form of SMS stands for Short Message Service. The first SMS was sent in the year 1993, which if you think is not pretty far. If then maybe you ask someone what really was a Short Message Service or SMS, they would really have look at you like you were mad. And it’s funny to think that now if you ask them the same question, they would laugh so hard you would start feeling old really. This whole era is of Short Message Service or SMS, a way of communicating, a way of showing love and hate both, a way of making friends and enemies both, where each morning as if the doorbell was rung hundreds of times to wish you a good morning and a good day but really in a virtual way. Like we all know that with many positives come the drawbacks, but right now I see everyone is just living through the screen of the mobile rather than their own eyes.

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