TAMP full form

TAMP:- Tariff Authority for Major Port

TAMP stands for Tariff Authority for Major Port. It is a multi-member statutory body with a mandate to fix tariffs levied by major port trusts under the control of Union Government and private terminals therein. The Government of India had taken a policy decision in 1996 to develop the first private terminal at Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust, Mumbai. In order to enable private sector participation in major ports’ sector, the Government of India in October 1996 issued a set of guidelines which, inter alia, provided for the creation of a tariff fixing body. Consequently, The Major Ports Trust Act, 1963 was amended and Tariff Authority for Major Port (TAMP) was created in April 1997. The TAMP was created as a regulatory authority for fixing tariff at all major port trusts so that the PPP projects would have a central body to regulate the tariffs rather than a private operator having a control over it.

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