TAPS full form

TAPS:- Tarapur Atomic Power Station

TAPS stands for Tarapur Atomic Power Station. Tarapur Atomic Power Stations is situated in Tarapur, Palgar, India.  It was the first commercial nuclear power station built in India. It is the world’s oldest nuclear power plant in commercial operation. TAPS was initially constructed after the agreement between India, the US, and IAEA with two Boiling Water Reactors in 1963. The plant started operation in 1969 with 210 MW output which was later reduced to 160 MW due to technical difficulties. An additional two Pressurized Heavy Water Reactor units of 540 MW each have been constructed by L&T and Gammon India. The Units were made operational in 2005 and 2006 respectively. The older BWR reactors at TAPS are the same as those of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Disasters. This had made the cry for decommissioning the Reactors highly important.

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