TELCO full form

TELCO:- Tata Engineering and Locomotive Company

TELCO stands for Tata Engineering and Locomotive Company. Tata Engineering and Locomotive Company has been renamed and is presently known as Tata Motors. Tata Motors is headquartered in Mumbai. It is an Indian MNC which manufactures automobiles. It is a member of the Tata Group. Its products include passenger cars, trucks, vans, coaches, buses, sports cars, construction equipment, and military vehicles. It has its automobile manufacturing and assembly plant in Jamshedpur, Pantnagar, Lucknow, Sanand, Dharwad, and Pune in India, as well as in Argentina, South Africa, Great Britain, and Thailand. It has its R&D plants in Pune, Jamshedpur, Lucknow, and Dharwad, India and in South Korea, Great Britain, and Spain. Tata Motors purchased the English premium car maker Jaguar Land Rover and the South Korean commercial vehicle manufacturer Tata Daewoo. Tata Motors has a bus-manufacturing joint venture with Marcopolo S.A., a construction-equipment manufacturing joint venture with Hitachi, and a joint venture with Fiat Chrysler which manufactures automotive components and Fiat Chrysler and Tata branded vehicles.

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