TELEX full form

TELEX:- Teleprinter Exchange

TELEX stands for Teleprinter Exchange. Telex network was a public switched network of teleprinters similar to the telephone network for the purpose of sending text messages. Telex was the major way of sending text-based messages between businesses in the post world war II era. It was the introduction and popularity of the fax machines in 1980, which led to the downfall of teleprinters. Telex provided the first common medium for international record communications using standard signaling techniques and operating criteria as specified by the International Telecommunication Union. A Telex customer could send the same message to different receives at different networks at the same time. Customers on one Telex network could reach any other person on any Telex network throughout the world. The system delivered messages at approximately 66 words per minute. Telex originated in Germany as a research program in 1926. Then Telex spread to entire Europe after World War II ended in 1945.

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