ULFA full form

ULFA:- United Liberation Front of Assam

ULFA stand for United Liberation Front of Assam. It is a separatist outfit which is mostly based in Assam but also in other North Eastern states for the indigenous Assamese people. It seeks to establish a sovereign Assam with the help of an armed struggle. The government of India has banned the organization placing it under the list of “Terrorist Organisation”, whereas the United States Department of State has placed it under “other groups of concern”. According to sources, it was founded on 7th April 1979 at Rang Ghar, and it began its operations in 1990. ULFA had established ties with Nationalist Socialist Council of Nagaland in 1983 and with KIA in 1987. The military operation by the Indian Army against ULFA had started in 1990 and is continued into the present. In 2011, Bangladesh began its own offensive against ULFA in Bangladesh which in turn assisted the Indian Government to force ULFA Leaders to negotiation talks.

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