UNAEC full form

UNAEC:- United Nations Atomic Energy Commission

UNAEC stands for United Nations Atomic Energy Commission. UNAEC was founded on 24th January 1946 under Resolution 1 of the United Nations General Assembly resolution. It was formed to deal with specific problems which started cropping up after the discovery of atomic power. It had four specific functions:

  • To facilitate the exchange of basic scientific information among all nations for peaceful ends.
  • To control the usage of atomic energy to the extent necessary that they are used only for peaceful applications.
  • To eliminate the national armaments and stockpiles of atomic weapons and also all other weapons which can be redesigned to convert them into weapons of mass destruction.
  • To ensure and place effective safeguards for the complying States against hazards of evasions and violations by the means of inspections and other ways.

The United Nations officially disbanded UNAEC in 1952, but the Commission had been inactive since July 1946.

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