UNEF full form

UNEF:- United Nations Emergency Force

UNEF stands for United Nations Emergency Force. UNEF was the first UN military force of its kind. Two UNEF have been deployed in the history since the inception on the UN. The first UNEF was deployed to bring an end to the Suez Crisis on 7th November 1956. The main aim of UNEF I was to facilitate an orderly transition in the Suez Canal area when British and French forces left. The force also facilitated the separation of Israeli and Egyptian forces. The second UNEF was established by United Nations General Assembly to supervise the ceasefire between Egyptian and Israeli forces at the end of the October War, also known as Kippur War. The UNEF II was responsible for the supervision of redeployment of both Israeli and Egyptian forces and to man and control the buffer zones created established under the cease-fire agreements. The complete ceasefire was observed between these two parties after the deployment UNEF II. The area of operation of UNEF II was at Suez Canal sector and later the Sinai Peninsula.

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