UNEP full form

UNEP:- United Nations Environment Programme

UNEP stands for united nation environment programme. It is an agency of the United nation and coordinates its environmental activities, assisting developing countries in implementing practices. It was founded by It was Maurice Strong, and he was the first director of theĀ  United Nations Conference on the Human Environment. UN Environment activities used to deal with the issues related to the atmosphere, marine and terrestrial ecosystems, environmental governance and the green economy.UNEP also help in developing international environmental conventions, promoting environmental science and information as well as illustrating the way those can be implemented in conjunction with policy, working on the development and implementation of policy with national governments, regional institutions in conjunction with environmental non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

UNEP’s main activities are related to:

  • climate change including the Territorial Approach to Climate Change (TACC)
  • disasters and conflicts
  • ecosystem management
  • environmental governance
  • environment under review
  • harmful substances
  • resource efficiency
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