UNICEF full form

UNICEF – United Nations International Children Emergency Fund

The United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund was set up by the United Nations General Assembly on the 11th day of month December in 1946, to give emergency food and medicinal services to kids in nations that had been devastated by World War II. The Polish doctor Ludwik Rajchman is mostly considered as the originator or founder of the UNICEF and filled in as its first administrator from the year 1946. On the recommendation of Rajchman, the American Maurice Pate was appointed as its first official executive director who serves from the year 1947 till his passing time which is in the year 1965. In 1950, the order of UNICEF was extended out to address the long haul needs of kids and ladies in creating nations all over. In 1953 it turned into a permanent part of the United Nations System, and the words international and an emergency was dropped from the name of the association, making it just the United Nations Children’s Fund which holds the first acronym i.e. UNICEF.

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