UNISPACE full form

UNISPACE – United Nations Conference on Exploration and Peaceful Usage of Outer Space

The United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs which is an abbreviation of UNOOSA. The United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs was at first set up as a small expert unit within the United Nations Secretariat and it was set up by the General Assembly in December 1958. The main purpose of UNOOSA is to do the promotion of the cooperation at international level with the utilization of peaceful methods along with the exploration of space and with the utilization of science which is space science and technology that is best for maintainable financial and social improvement as well. The Office helps any of the United Nations Member States to build up legitimate and administrative systems to administer the activities related to space along with the reinforces the capability of the developing nations so that it can utilize the technology which is space science technology and also utilize the applications which are for development by helping to integrate space capabilities into national development programs.

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