VPP full form

VPP:- Value Payable Post

The Valuable Payable Post system is designed such a way to meet the requirements of persons who wishes to pay for articles sent to them at the time of receipt of the articles or the bills or railway receipts relating to them, and also to meet the requirements of traders and others who wish to recover, through the agency of the Post Office of the value of article supplied by them. In short, it is basically cash on delivery at the time you receive your post or mail. Now it works for small articles, postcards, bulk orders as well.

Manner of Posting

1) Every postal article intended to be sent should be as VPP should be presented at Post Office with the prescribed printed form in which all the required information of the sender must be present.

2) VPP articles will not be accepted unless the town shown in the valuable payable money order form is the one where the articles have been booked.

3) A receipt will be given to the person who presents the article or post.

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