Top 10 rarest plants in the world

Rafflesia Arnoldii: Known to be the world’s largest flower, this plant is one of the rarest one in the world. Rafflesia Arnoldii, also known as the corpse plant, this name was given to this plant.

Encephalartos Woodii: One of the rarest plants in the world is the Encephalartos Woodii which is now conserved and restricted to the botanical garden only where it was transported from Zululand. 

Nepenthes Tenax: One of the weirdest looking plants is the Nepenthes Tenax which is considered one of the rare plants in the world. It grows up to a height of 100 cms. 

Welwitschia: One of the longest living plants also known as the living fossil plant is again one of the rarest plant species found in Africa. It has a woody, thick, short and stout trunk.

Pennantia Baylisiana: Scoring a place in the Guinness book of world records. Pennantia Baylisiana is again an extinct plant of the world which is rare to find means you can’t find it easily.

Amorphophallus Titanum (Titan Arum): This strange-looking plant is only found in the botanical garden of the area, known as Rose Hills of Huntington.

Ghost Orchid: This weird looking plant resembles the shape of tiny ghosts hanging on its bushes. Like other orchids, this kind of orchid doesn’t have any leaves and has an apple scent.

Dragon’s Blood Tree: This Dragon Blood Tree resembles the shape of a mushroom when looked at it from below. To see it, you’ll have to travel to Yemen, rent a boat, and visit the island of Socotra. 

Middlemist Red: The prettiest flower is no doubt rarest one in the world today. It has only two specimens left in the world: one in the Botanical gardens in London and the other in New Zealand.

Rothschild’s Slipper OrchidOne of the most expensive flowers in the world is something you have to wait for 15 long years to get one. This flower costs about $5000 per blossom.