10 Best US Cities to celebrate Halloween

10. Boston, Massachusetts:
Boston earned its spot by ranking third for its trick-or-treater friendliness.

9. Santa Ana, California:
Santa Ana ranked No. 1 overall for the highest potential of trick-or-treat stops — bust out the candy, Santa Ana residents.

8. Las Vegas, Nevada:
Las Vegas has the No. 2 spot for Halloween fun on WalletHub's rankings.

7. Jersey City, New Jersey:
Besides its No. 2 spot for trick-or-treater friendliness, Jersey City is also an affordable Halloween spot.

6. San Jose, California:
San Jose was tied for fifth for best Halloween weather. It ranked in the top 20 for the other two main metrics.

5. San Diego, California:
This southern California city has its amazing weather and a high Halloween fun score going for it.

4. Los Angeles, California:
While you might be able to spot your favorite A-listers at one of the many parties in Los Angeles, it'll cost you a pretty penny

3. Miami, Florida:
Miami ranked in the top 10 for both trick-or-treater friendliness and Halloween fun.

2. San Francisco, California:
The second-best place to spend Halloween, weather-wise, is none other than San Francisco.

1. New York, America:
It ranked in the top three for two of main factors, coming in first for trick-or-treater friendliness, third for Halloween fun.

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